Thank you for your interest in an internship with the United States Adaptive Recreation Center (USARC), dedicated to providing outdoor adapted recreation opportunities for people experiencing one or more disabilities, either physical or cognitive (or both).

The USARC offers internships during the spring and summer semesters, approximately mid-December through March, and June through August, respectively. The intern coordinator is certified as both RTC (California) and CTRS (National), providing students with accredited supervision.  Interviews are conducted approximately 2-3 months prior to the prospective internship semester/season.  There is no deadline for applications.

Essentially, the intern will facilitate people with many different types of disabilities learning to snow ski, snowboard, or snowshoe during the winter, and water ski, kayak, fish, sail and camp during the summer. Aside from teaching, the intern will also have the opportunity to be involved with program planning, meetings, volunteer coordination and supervision, especially during summer internships, where program days are less numerous than during the winter. In addition to teaching, interns have numerous other assignments, as detailed on the enclosed application.

Winter interns are provided with a season pass, enabling them to purchase meals in the cafeteria at half price and ski free during the duration of the internship. There is at least one $1,000 stipend available per semester for interns. To be eligible for a stipend, the selected intern must return his/her completed internship application forms, be concurrently enrolled in the appropriate internship course at an accredited university, and able to complete a minimum of 500 hours during the course of the internship. Other interested students are welcome to volunteer without pay (to fulfill university fieldwork or community service requirements), since the USARC is highly volunteer supported.

Interns are a welcome and essential part of USARC programs. The USARC values its opportunity to provide interns with a unique opportunity to learn about many different special populations (from the ages of 5 to 75), and thus help the intern choose a career direction in Therapeutic Recreation.

Please complete USARC's internship application and return to USARC along with a cover letter and resume.  (NOTE: If emailing, please combine all items into one file attachment, thank you.)