Thanks to our participating athletes and their families for the following feedback and testimonials from our WINTER or SUMMER surveys.  Along with statistical information about your experience, USARC may share (anonymously) these responses with various philanthropic organizations and individuals in order to secure grants and other funding to keep our fees significantly lower than any comparable program in the west!  Plus, USARC draws one name from the testimonials we print for a free lesson during the winter or summer!  Thank you for sharing your important feedback.

“This is our daughter’s third year participating with USARC and we look forward
to this experience every year. We always know she is capable hands and there is
nothing better for us than seeing her get so much joy from skiing. Thank you for everything you do!”

“Our son is on the autism spectrum and doesn’t always like to try new things; his
favorite phrase is ‘Let’s go home.’ He had two lessons and the next morning he
woke up and said ‘I want to go skiing!’ Not only does USARC make it possible
for him to enjoy the snow, but it allowed the rest of the family to ski, knowing he
was safe with people trained to work with him.”

“Wow, my son had the time of his life! He was able to be independent while under
the guidance of a wonderfully patient, supportive coach. Thank you USARC!”

"I never thought I'd participate again due to my paralysis, but with USARC it happened! My coaches helped me build my confidence with excellent instruction and guidance.  They made me feel secure, yet with enough freedom to help me succeed.  I'm grateful for their professionalism and genuine love to help people with disabilities enjoy a much richer life through skiing."

As a parent of a child participant I find it thrilling for her to have access to exciting sports. For my child, I see the elation she has with the speed, and how much she laughs. Pure joy!

Being 6 years out of her injury she wanted to try to ski again.  We researched how to learn to ski and we found USARC.  I can't begin to describe what an amazing day we had.  I truley believe you are all unsung heros.  To take a program such as yours, make it affordable, and give people with all types of disabilities the opportunity to become empowered again is nothing short of magic. 

We participated in the Big Bear USARC for the first time in March. Wow! My son had the time of his life! He was able to be independent while under the guidance of a wonderfully patient and supportive instructor. Thank you!

USARC offers an extremely valuable program and this is a very unique resource for the disabled. It is hard to imagine alternatives if this program did not exist. It is the only program within SoCal that offers the range of options, well managed and overall tailored for the specific needs of all disabilities. Thanks for being an awesome community resource. USARC services are extremely valuable to our entire family, it allows us to enjoy outdoors together. Thanks!